‘Follow me’, the new promotional video for Destination Germany, puts the focus on contrasts to show that Germany is the perfect travel destination. The sights and attractions, the diverse appeal…
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European travel trends for 2015

Travel Destination Germany – Follow Me

I recently took the Avalon Tranquility II's inaugural cruise from Frankfurt, Germany to Basel, Switzerland and all I can say, it was the epitome of civilized travel. Unpacking once into a surprisingly spacious stateroom where you can kick back and …
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Collector finds inspiration in antique travel cases

Travel Destination Germany – Follow Me

… century in Augsburg, Germany. The city was famous for its silversmiths, and was also a destination where sovereigns would historically meet once a year. It was this communion of travelling sovereigns which motivated silversmiths to create elaborate …
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Rick Steves' tips for making travel a political act

Travel Destination Germany – Follow Me

Consider Germany's approach to prostitution or the Netherlands' marijuana policy, both of which are based on pragmatic harm reduction rather than moralism. Get a French farmer's take on force-feeding his geese to produce foie gras. Ask a Spaniard why …
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Dr. Merry - Travel Destination Germany – Follow Me's Nomad Travel United Germany

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