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Buying a Luxury Home in Booming Istanbul

According to the latest Knight Frank global house price index, prices of prime properties across Turkey rose by 13.8% between the first quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014, making it one of the four best-performing property markets in the …
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Owning your share of a place in the sun has just got so much easier

Typically, you buy a share in a single property, say, a villa in Spain or farmhouse in Tuscany, and divide the costs, maintenance and time at the property with others. “You can make a financial return on your investment, too, either by renting the …

Make the dream of a home in the sun a reality – without resorting to timeshares

However, those relying on rental income to cover a mortgage must ensure they pick a spot and price that attracts tourists. … Investors' money is pooled and used to buy and maintain a portfolio of holiday homes from Turkish villas to Tuscan 'palazzos'.
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VILLA PANDOLFINI, Villa Apartment for rent near Florence, Italy. Website: 14thC castle on a 100h estate VILLA PANDOLFINI is a s…

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Buying a Luxury Home in Booming Istanbul

… apartment in a new high-rise building or a villa in an out-of-town compound. In the former category, the Macka Residences, close to the modern city center, Taksim, has been popular among buyers from Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Britain and …
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Meet the actors in NRP's summer romance 'Enchanted April' opens tomorrow

When two unhappy London housewives rent a villa in Italy for an impulsive holiday away from their husbands, they recruit a pair of independent upper-class women to share the cost and the experience. Alone together under the Mediterranean sun, all four …
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Make the dream of a home in the sun a reality – without resorting to timeshares

Attractively priced property abroad, a rehabilitated UK economy and a buoyant pound are reviving interest in owning property abroad. But even for those unable to buy outright there are several ways to fund precious time away in the sunshine without …
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The play tells of two discontented housewives in 1920s London who rent a villa in Italy for a holiday. Tickets: $ 35 for adults, $ 25 for seniors and Sun Valley Center for the Arts members, $ 10 for age 18 and younger, at, 208-578-9122 …
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Culinary Tours of Italy: Cooking Classes and Culture Tour of the Amalfi Coast
Go local on the Amalfi Coast of Italy with Divine Amalfi Villas. Like the Italian culture, the Italian cuisine has developed over the centuries and made its impression across the world. Archestratus, the 4th centry B.C. Italian food writer, expresses