This is the summary of Rick Steves’ Croatia & Slovenia by Rick Steves, Cameron Hewitt.
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In Ukraine Crisis Wake: Geopolitics and a Case for European LNG Import

According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy (June 2014), Russian natural gas production volume came in at 604.8 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2013, second only to the US with a total of 687.6 bcm. Moreover, as for natural gas exports via …
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Bundesliga preview: Why Dortmund will pip Bayern Munich to title

It's far too easy to write that sort of judgement in a preview, but let's be honest, it's what everyone is thinking. Everyone, that is, apart from Borussia Dortmund. A-ha! See what I did there. Anyway, it's time for The Sport Review's Bundesliga 2014 …
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Anther MagicalSpain Customer Review: Post Tour with John Bemiss of Russo & Steele Collector Cars of Phoenix, AZ NEXT? Get your FREE copy of our Spain Travel …

Spain Travel Review
Nat Geo Cunard among new Virtuoso lead generation partners

Other marketing partners include TravelSmith, which sells travel clothing and accessories online; Saveur Magazine, a food and travel publication that has been a long-time Virtuoso partner; and eight destinations: Austria, Fiji, Germany, Hawaii, Peru …
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US picks 12-man roster for basketball World Cup

Though team officials had previously said they might carry extra players when they left for Spain on Saturday, and final rosters aren't due until next Friday, the Americans decided there was no need to wait. Kyle Korver, Gordon Hayward and Chandler …
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Price: $ 15.43 This is the summary of Landscape Wales by David Williams.
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Doc Holiday's travel tips for planning family holidays in Mexico and Fiji

You are welcome to go at your own pace if you arrive before this, or another option would be to book a private tour guide from the museum for a more in-depth tour. … We are keen to explore Scotland and Wales, travelling as independently as possible.
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15 amazing spots to find natural bridges

One of the most famous spots in Wales, the Green Bridge of Wales and the rocky Pembrokeshire coastline, are part of a national park. Nearby you can … And if you want a real adventure, book a camel ride to explore the area and overnight in a Bedouin camp.
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Outrage as Wales scraps student 'hardship' fund worth £2m just weeks ahead of

Annual funds are made available by the Welsh Government to individual institutions to administer to students on a discretionary basis. It helps students struggling to pay their rent, travel costs, food bills, and childcare and is used to fund books and …
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Dell'ariccia Completes Zim Mission

The so-called FoZ comprise Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, the EU, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the …

Great Hotels of the World announces the latest news from member hotels

The resort is an ideal venue to do business, play golf or enjoy all Portugal has to offer. Facilities include … Travelers' Choice Award winners were determined based on the reviews and opinions of millions of TripAdvisor users worldwide. One reviewer …
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Water-conservation tools: Shame, higher prices

“Tiered water rates set a lower price for the initial basic use allocation,” said Kevin Boyle in the University of Denver Water Law Review. “After that base … Should we now expect water agencies to track individual water molecules and which pipes …
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In the context of internal migratory flows, one must distinguish those who travel for work and those who seek access to social assistance. As for external migratory flows, the study supports the formation of a European coast guard corps, and highlights …
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REVIEW: 'Problems With People,' stories by David Guterson

It's not that he's not skilled; his most enjoyable tales are stealthy, Chekov-like takes on a certain recognizable type; a person cresting the hill of middle age, progressive, educated, affluent enough to eat for “wellness” and to travel from time to …
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Price: $ 5.99 This is the summary of French Speakout: Phrase Book, Menu Decoder, Two-way Dictionary by COMPASS MAPS LTD..
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The boys have a much needed holiday in France, but they fall asleep on the tour bus and things… er… well, they take a turn for the worse. As usual. ♪ Mus…

France Travel Map
An Interview with: Professor George Slusser – Eaton science fiction collection

In late 18th century England, critic Samuel Johnson rejected all forms of “fantasy” (including the budding literature of moon travel and future times and places) as unworthy of consideration. Thus began … To make matters worse, American academia was …
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Here are the 35 countries one flight away from Ebola-affected countries

There are seven in Europe, in the UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands; four in the Middle East; and three in the US (Houston, Atlanta and New York). That doesn't mean it's time to panic about the … “[P]eople generally transmit the …
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