A bird’s eye view of Ultra Music Festival in Split, Croatia on July 12 & 13, 2013 at Poljud Stadium. This was the first year for the popular electronic music festival to be hosted in Croatia….
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Greek economy's numbers still worrying

Is the Greek economy growing or shrinking? The answer depends on what statistics are compared. Many of Greece's key numbers are still in negative territory. That has consequences for the debate over its reform program. A beach in Crete with flags.
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Opinion: How much is Ukraine worth to the West?

In order to stabilize the Ukrainian economy, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last week put together a huge financial package for the country. The IMF and other donors have committed $ 40 billion (37.8 billion euros) over the next four years …
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Poroshenko calls on West for 'tough reaction' over failing Ukraine ceasefire

"We recall once again the need for all sides to adhere strictly to the provisions of the package signed last week and carry out its measures without delay." According to the United Nations, the conflict in eastern Ukraine has killed more than 5,600 …
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Croatian Travel Books
This Croatian 'Sea Organ' Uses Wind And Waves To Create Enchanting

If the sound of waves lapping gently onto the shore puts you in a trance, then it's time you listen to the Morske Orgulje — or, the Sea Organ. The crooning structure in the video above is a 230-foot long instrument on the coast of Zadar, Croatia, that …
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Croatia walking tour: ignorance is bliss in the hills of Istria

The Croats were originally Slavs who descended south from beyond the Carpathians, but who in Istria (and elsewhere) were subject to, among others, the Ottomans, the Venetians, the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Italians, again, from 1919 to 1947.
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The Beginner's Guide to Chartering a Yacht With a Crew

“It wasn't that much more expensive than being in Asia for two weeks, with everything from the round-trip travel to the hotel and food. Then again, I'm not going to Asia every week.” He was hooked on the experience. But he admitted he had gotten lucky …
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The island of Vir is one of the 300 islands in the Zadar archipelago, that is, one of 1186 islands and islets in the Croatian Adriatic. It lies in Sea of Vir (Virsko more) in the northwestern…
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Podgora is a village and port in the Makarska littoral, 9 km southeast of Makarska. Chief occupations include farming, growing of vines and olives, seafaring, fishing and tourism. A beautiful…

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Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free Translation Card - Translated in Croatian or any of 25 languages
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UN: Serbia, Croatia didn't commit genocide

The United Nations' highest court said Tuesday that Serbia and Croatia did not commit genocide against each other's people in the 1990s. The International Court of Justice said Serb forces committed widespread crimes in Croatia early in the war …
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South Korean TV shows turn Croatia into tourist hotspot

Koreans finding love and adventure while travelling through Croatia in reality TV shows have put the Balkan country on the map, making it a popular tourist destination for the Asian market. It all started in 2012 with the filming of the South Korean …
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Easy Croatian - Pictorial Dictionary
Easy Croatian – Pictorial Dictionary

Learn Croatian in an easy and fun way by viewing pictures and querying yourself!

The images range from areas such as “office, home, food and drink” to “Outside, body, emotions, clothing,


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The Anaheim Marriott is a New Marriott Through and Through

In the past couple of years, Marriott Hotels have rolled out quite a few important, and relevant, new amenities and services. So many, that we're kind of in disbelief at how far Marriott has come, aside from that whole hotspot blocking biz of course …
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Croatia's Plitvice Lakes: Mother Nature's aquatic theme park

The answer: you get the Plitvice Lakes, the oldest national park in southeastern Europe and the largest in Croatia. … Just outside the park in Rakovica, which is two miles from the entrance, you will find rooms at the three-star Hotel Degenija …
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Woman sued by owner of dog obedience school for posting negative reviews to

Jennifer Ujimori is being sued by Dog Tranquility in Burke, Virginia, after she took her puppy to obedience class and then wrote negative reviews about it on Yelp and Angie's List. Dog Tranquility's owner, Colleen Dermott, filed the suit because she …
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Direct link: http://www.camping-adriatic.com/lanterna-camp-porec?cid=youtube Camping Lanterna lies on Lanterna peninsula, in the close vicinity of the small city of Tar, near the picturesque…
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Neandertals Turned Eagle Talons into Jewelry 130000 Years Ago

Researchers have found markings on eagle talons from a well-known Neandertal site in Croatia that indicate Neandertals harvested the claws and wore them as jewelry. Such evidence attests to a capacity for symbolic thought, long considered a hallmark of …
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Croatia: readers' tips

As the searing Dubrovnik sun reflects, almost proudly, off the cobbled stones of the Stradun, you know it's time for a siesta at Buza (Croatian for “hole”). A leisurely walk to this open-air bar takes you through the refreshing shade of dusty …
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