Click on for details. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( MOSTAR best views. Tourism attractions Vol II….
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Croatian Travel Books
UN: Serbia, Croatia didn't commit genocide

The United Nations' highest court said Tuesday that Serbia and Croatia did not commit genocide against each other's people in the 1990s. The International Court of Justice said Serb forces committed widespread crimes in Croatia early in the war …
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South Korean TV shows turn Croatia into tourist hotspot

Koreans finding love and adventure while travelling through Croatia in reality TV shows have put the Balkan country on the map, making it a popular tourist destination for the Asian market. It all started in 2012 with the filming of the South Korean …
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Easy Croatian - Pictorial Dictionary
Easy Croatian – Pictorial Dictionary

Learn Croatian in an easy and fun way by viewing pictures and querying yourself!

The images range from areas such as “office, home, food and drink” to “Outside, body, emotions, clothing,


Tourist attractions in Austria, Austria Tourist attractions, Austria Attractions, Austria Tourist Destinations, Austria Destinations, Austria Travel Video, Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Greece…

I’m off to my Austrian Adventure! Check out ‘The Travel Book’ at The Book Depository: Email:…
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Tracing Jewish Heritage Along the Danube

… same emigrants were — history has confirmed — lucky to leave behind. I was bound on a Jewish heritage tour, combining two growing travel trends: roots and rivers. …. In this, we were fortunate to be shepherded by Helmut Einfalt, a middle-aged …
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The Austrian capital will the host the Eurovision Song Contest this year

They didn't skimp on magnificence when they created Vienna, although it's still possible to enjoy one of Europe's showpiece cities on a budget. We visit the Austrian capital, host of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, and finds glorious palaces and …
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WK152: Mayrhofen- Zillertaler Alpen Hiking map (Austria) FB 1:50K (Hiking Maps of the Austrian Alps) (English, French, Italian and German Edition)

Price: $ 12.99

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The white eagle is a flight over the Arlberg and the city of Lech Zuers am Arlberg. Each feature is shot on RED digital cinematography and mastered in 4K movie technology and delivers brilliant…
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Austrian Travel Books
AC Grayling's Vienna: My Kind of Town

… we would travel thousands of miles to go to a beach and the first day would be wonderful but during the second, the novelty of sand and salty hair would wear off. AC Grayling is Master and Founder of New College of the Humanities, London. His new …

Alpine holidays: readers' tips

The daily walks are run by experienced, informative guides; they start on June 1 and run until October 23, changing on a fortnightly basis. Free transport and a tour book are provided, with badges presented … Igls, Austria. My preferred Alpine …

Schlepping Through the Alps: My Search for Austria's Jewish Past with Its Last Wandering Shepherd
Hans Breuer, Austria’s only wandering shepherd, is also a Yiddish folksinger. He walks the Alps, shepherd’s stick in hand, singing lullabies to his 625 sheep. Sometimes he even gives concerts in historically anti-Semitic towns, showing slides of

Price: $ 4.69

Check Our Website : Kuşadası (pronounced [ˈkuʃadasɯ]) is a resort town on Turkey’s Aegean coast and the center of the seaside district of the same name…

Cuaderno de viajes con acuarela sobre Turquía, que refleja un viaje que hice a ese país. EN TURCO. — Travel book with watercolors about Turkey, showing a trip I did to that country. IN…

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More Arab tourists coming to Turkey's Mediterranean resort Marmaris

Turkish tourism players are now expecting a further increase in the upcoming season. The Marmaris branch head of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB), İsmail Özbozdağ, said that despite the political turmoil in the Middle East, the …
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Dan O'Brien: As democracy faces crisis in Hungary, should Europe act?

An advocate of what he calls the "illiberal state", Orban frequently points to the flaws of democracy and professes admiration for the authoritarian way Russia, Turkey and China are ruled. The domestic checks and balances – of parliament and the …
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Grand Strategies for Turkey Tagging Success

They are the Grand Slam repeaters who travel to and hunt the entire range of Meleagris galapavo and can quickly adapt to whatever territory, subspecies, and bird behavior they are confronting. These are the folks who can flat out kill turkeys anywhere …
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Take a tour of Top 10 Travel Attractions of Rome, Italy – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats. Hey, this is your travel host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top…
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World Tube Travel Guide Sicily Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Taormina, the most picturesque city in Sicily because…
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Pan-European Rail Travel Startup Loco2 Adds Italy's Trenitalia

U.K.-based pan-European train travel startup Loco2 has integrated its sixth European rail booking system, signing up the Italian national rail operator Trenitalia. The integration will go public on March 3 but registered users of Loco2 can book tickets …
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Travel Deal: NYC Hotel-Comfort Inn Manhattan Bridge

These are some of the lowest rates we've seen for a NYC hotel during this travel window. Travelzoo members can … Jump from Little Italy's cozy restaurants to the Lower East Side's trendy cafes and nightlife. … Hurry this is filling up fast! book by …
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Hidden Gem: Postitano, Italy

Hello, Florida Gators! Something I am extra excited to write about on this blog is small cities that I have found when traveling; ones that don't have a tourist population of 10 million a year and are filled with the rich, honest culture of it's …
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Italy: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Eat, and How to Fit In
“I wish every country had a guide like this!” – LouLouFrance of the Chez LouLou blog

Want to experience Italy as only a local could?

This guide’s for you.

Filled with 100 interviews with peop


Click here to enjoy more videos: – Istanbul, Turkey Travel Guide – Top 10 must-see attractions. Istanbul is one of the most …

Turkey, Istanbul Travel Guide, Tours, Vacations, Tourism Turkey Vacations HD World Travel…
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Walking holidays in Turkey: the ancient stones of the new Carian Trail

The trail is the brainchild of two Turkish guides, Yunis Ozdemir and Altay Ozcan, and Dean Livesley, an Englishman. Caria was the south-western region of ancient Anatolia, abutting Lycia in the east, and the name Carian Trail is a conscious echo of the …

Travel advisories: A guide to ignoring them

I say this because I know from experience that the best time to travel is precisely during periods like this, and specifically to those countries which many Israelis are warned to avoid. For years I traveled to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey during the times …
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See splendid Turkey on a budget: Take the bus

I will be the first to admit that traveling with 42 people for 13 days in a giant bus (the preferred term is "motor coach") with a Turkish guide is not the most relaxing way to go. But it is efficient. And cheap. And surprisingly comprehensive. Turkey …
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Istanbul Turkey: Pictorial Travel
For the price of a caffe latte, or while drinking a caffe latte 🙂 you will get a pretty good glimpse of Istanbul in just a few minutes with this tiny but complete photo album.

Photo gallery including: