In contrast to Rhodes Old Town, this video shows the more modern and developed urban area of Rhodes Town. This is the area in which the majority of the moder…
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Greece Travel Review
Greece Needs Broader Structural Reforms Than Syriza Has Proposed

The mix of austerity policies imposed by the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission and implemented by the Greek governments for the past five years led to unprecedented misery and anger. The unjust and …
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Greece Is Not Headed for the Door Just Yet

Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece - July 2013

Greece is still several steps from chaos. Athens has entered a period of political instability that will probably lead to an election won by Syriza. This radical left group's policies could prompt Greece's exit from the euro, the so-called Grexit, if …
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Thomas Cook overcharges couple £600 for Greece holiday

Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece - July 2013

A British couple has told how they paid £600 extra for a holiday bungalow in Greece – only to be put in a double room on arrival. Ken Marlow, 68, and his wife Dorothy, 58, wanted to stay at the Belvedere Hotel in Skiathos, but were originally the told …
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Independent Travellers Greek Island Hopping 2006: The Island Hopper - Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Greece - July 2013's Bible (Independent Travellers - Thomas Cook)
Updated annually, this book is the most comprehensive and detailed guide to the Greek islands; indispensable for first-time and seasoned island hoppers alike. Covering every Greek island as well as Athens, mainland ports and the Turkish coast, the we

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