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France Private Accomodation
France's First Free-Speech Challenge After Charlie Hebdo

Private Apartment - Coeur De Paris Saint Honoré -113-, Paris, France

Dieudonné, as he's known, infamously popularized the "quenelle," a reverse Nazi salute that gets around the existing French ban on the traditional Nazi salute. (One touches the left shoulder with the right hand while the left arm stretches downward, an …
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Here's What a 00-a-night Penthouse in Havana Looks Like

Havana's high-end hotels — the Melias, the Parque Central and the venerable Hotel Nacional, which some old-timers still refer to as the Hilton because it was managed by the U.S. brand before the revolution — are said to be booked solid for months …
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French Prime Minister: 'I Refuse to Use This Term Islamophobia'

Private Apartment - Coeur De Paris Saint Honoré -113-, Paris, France

The prime minister of France, Manuel Valls, has emerged over the past tumultuous week as one of the West's most vocal foes of Islamism, though he's actually been talking about the threat it poses for a long while. During the course of an interview …
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