I went to the first week of Oktoberfest in Munich 2013. This is just a quick video tour to give you a taste of it. Oktoberfest is a 16 day festival that ends the first weekend of Oct. Around…

Germany Package Tour
Understanding the world currencies can be difficult when travelling. Source

Oktoberfest 2013 Munich, Germany: A Video Tour

German tour operators argue that some of the best deals can be had in packages as the mass-market providers have often already factored in, or hedged against, currency fluctuations. “In the current main booking phase for the summer, these price and …
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Chinese travellers now heading to the regions

Oktoberfest 2013 Munich, Germany: A Video Tour

Package tours declining. The percentage of Chinese tourists arriving in Australia on cheap package tours is falling while the number coming here for independent holidays is rising. AAT Kings managing director Anthony Hayes said a growing number of …
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Philips 12362PRB1 Headlight Bulb - Oktoberfest 2013 Munich, Germany: A Video Tour

Condition: Brand New In Box
Type: H11
Application: High beam, Low beam
Voltage: 12 V
Wattage: 55W
Range: Vision
Technology: Halogen
Lumens: 1350 ±10% lm
Life time: B3/Tc = 500/800
GOC: 77715323
Product Number: 924080717150


Price: $ 10.88

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