Join for our online travel class series; Planning Your Italian Vacation. Lesson 1 features Italy map overview, when to go, understanding the Euro, passport & Visa requirements….
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Calabria, Italy Travel – Calabria, in antiquity known as Bruttium, is a region in southern Italy, south of Naples, located at the toe of the Italian peninsula. It is bounded to the north by…
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Sicily travel guide

Travel writer Lee Marshall moved to Italy in 1984. Currently based in Umbria after many years living in Rome, he has an ongoing love affair with Sicily and tries to get down there as often as possible. In between, Etna rosso wine and Bronte pistacchios …

Alex Polizzi's Secret Italy: The presenter reveals Rome's hidden oasis and how

Italy 4 Real Planning Your Italian Vacation Part I

Another of Polizzi's tips is to get the number one water bus – or vaporetto – which takes you all the way up the Grand Canal: 'Instead of spending €80 for 40 minutes in a gondola you get to actually travel in comfort and see these amazing palazzi. It's …
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3 great Nordic Ski Resorts in Italy

Italy 4 Real Planning Your Italian Vacation Part I

It allows everyone to enjoy time away from their regular busy schedules, soak up the beautiful, idyllic surroundings of ski resorts, and generally have fun. That said, if you are a Nordic skiing enthusiast looking to visit Italy any time this winter …
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Puglia (Regional Road Map) - Italy 4 Real Planning Your Italian Vacation Part I
Each map has an extensive index of names enabling easy identification pf paces, mountain refuges, rievrs, farms and lots more.

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