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Walking holidays in Turkey: the ancient stones of the new Carian Trail

Istanbul, Turkey Travel Guide Must See Attractions

The trail is the brainchild of two Turkish guides, Yunis Ozdemir and Altay Ozcan, and Dean Livesley, an Englishman. Caria was the south-western region of ancient Anatolia, abutting Lycia in the east, and the name Carian Trail is a conscious echo of the …

Travel advisories: A guide to ignoring them

I say this because I know from experience that the best time to travel is precisely during periods like this, and specifically to those countries which many Israelis are warned to avoid. For years I traveled to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey during the times …
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See splendid Turkey on a budget: Take the bus

Istanbul, Turkey Travel Guide Must See Attractions

I will be the first to admit that traveling with 42 people for 13 days in a giant bus (the preferred term is "motor coach") with a Turkish guide is not the most relaxing way to go. But it is efficient. And cheap. And surprisingly comprehensive. Turkey …
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Istanbul Turkey: Pictorial Travel - Istanbul, Turkey Travel Guide Must See Attractions
For the price of a caffe latte, or while drinking a caffe latte 🙂 you will get a pretty good glimpse of Istanbul in just a few minutes with this tiny but complete photo album.

Photo gallery including:




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