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More to Finland than the northern lights

How-To Book Train Travel From Finland To Estonia

In Finland, fantasy can be more reliable than reality. That's why, despite the fact that 160,000 tourists travel to Lapland every year hoping to see the elusive northern lights, the Finns have installed a dead cert: Father Christmas. Come cloud or snow …
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In Finland, giving in to Moomin madness

In June, I set off on a quest of my own, traveling through Finland in search of the Moomin-land I've loved since I read the books in English translation as a child. My tour begins in Helsinki, the sea-air-scented city — full of turreted art nouveau …
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The Northern Lights: aurora hunting in Finnish Lapland

How-To Book Train Travel From Finland To Estonia

In a world increasingly obsessed with instant gratification, where supposed adventurers can observe great white sharks from a boat trailing fish carcasses or take a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain to pose for selfies, there remains at least …

Rick Steves - How-To Book Train Travel From Finland To Estonia' Snapshot St. Petersburg, Helsinki & Tallinn
You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Tallinn.

In this compact guide, Rick Steves covers the essential spots of each city, including the Hermitage, the Church of t

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