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Jazz's 'Sound Seeker' Finds Ancient Strings From Hungary And Greece

Cyprotel Faliraki Hotel 4★ Hotel Greece Rhodes

"I heard this many years ago when I played a festival in Hungary," Lloyd says. "It was being played at my hotel after the concert by a gypsy orchestra, and I just loved its sonority so much." Lloyd also brings in the Greek lyra, performed by Sokratis …
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Workers around the world mark May Day

Cyprotel Faliraki Hotel 4★ Hotel Greece Rhodes

Greece also has marked an exceptional May Day as government joined citizens for the first time in a protest calling for an end to austerity policies and restoring the workers' rights. "Yanis, kick their ass!" "Keep it up!", "We support!", were some of …
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Nigel Farage in Hartlepool: UKIP leader claims EU destroyed town's fishing

Cyprotel Faliraki Hotel 4★ Hotel Greece Rhodes

Nigel Farage has dismissed claims that Ukip's policies were irrelevant to Hartlepool's residents as he claimed the local fishing industry has been destroyed through membership of the European Union. The Ukip leader was speaking in Room 101 of the Grand …
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