Our short stay at base camp in Bonn, Germany, cycling from London, England to Sri Lanka. biketrip12000km.com.
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Info & Cheap Booking! : http://www.hotelz.tv/info/germany/cologne/QRXfIWvQR/djh-city-hostel-koln-riehl.html â–»Best Hotels in Cologne : http://www.hotelz.tv/search/Germany/cologne/1.html…
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Step Back in Time to 1970s East Germany at These 5 Berlin Spots

Best And Favourite Hostel Base Camp Bonn Germany

Sleep in a camper from East Germany in the 1970s? Even better! This hotel offers two varieties of lodging; the usual, modern hotel room or personal use of a vintage travel trailer parked in a loft-like space, with common rooms decorated in the style of …
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A week in Germany for 28 Euro

Best And Favourite Hostel Base Camp Bonn Germany

Earlier this year I hit a point where I'd been travelling for two months and was completely exhausted. I was sick of trains, buses, aeroplanes, hostels, takeaway food and repacking. Not only that, but I was lonely. I've never minded travelling on my …
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Great Escapes - Great Castles of Germany & The USA (Tourist Guides) - Best And Favourite Hostel Base Camp Bonn Germany
If you’re looking for castles to explore both in Germany and the United States, this might be the guide for you. Here are a number of great locations that you will enjoy exploring. I have tried to locate contact information and some of the latest inf


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