This is the Complete Christmas Story Chinese Restaurant scene. All the other here on Youtube cut out the best part of the video. The comment section has been suspended due to comments getting…

Alon Shaya's heartfelt Shaya: New restaurants in New Orleans

A Christmas Story Chinese Restaurant Scene

From Turkey comes shakshouka, a warming dish of tomatoes with a runny egg. Bulgaria contributes lutenitsa, a puree of peppers and eggplants. The cooking at Shaya is unadorned, succeeding on the strength of its pristine ingredients. It's light …

Taste the traditionally Turkish

A Christmas Story Chinese Restaurant Scene

A mainly self-service restaurant, Babagoosh hosts a different take on authentic cuisine. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY. LAHORE: Babagoosh is the latest addition to Lahore's Turkish restaurant variety. Legend has it that Babagoosh was a chef to the Ottoman royalty …
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Morristown librarian brings Turkey in photos to patrons

A Christmas Story Chinese Restaurant Scene

In form with his habit of visiting Eastern European countries such as former Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic and countries that formerly made up the Soviet Union, Brunskill decided to visit Turkey for three weeks with his wife in May. Brunskill, a …
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