In this video I test out my limited Parc Cour ability and tour around old Lyon. Lyon is the 3rd biggest city in France and has a really cool vibe. Please comment and subscribe!
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18 Gestures That Can Cause Offense Around the World

One of the main problems travelers face is communicating with the locals. Even if you never leave home without your trusty phrase book, communication is as much about nonverbal cues as it is about talking. In fact, people rely more heavily on hand …
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Exchange rate travel: Surfing the dollar's euro surge

Go bananas at the fabulously opulent Peninsula Paris and book a night in the Terrace Suite for $ 7,700 (19 Avenue Kleber, 75116 Paris, France; +33 1 58 12 28 88‎). A year ago, that would've cost $ 10,730 — had it been open. It wasn't open until last …
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France: Experience France! The Go Smart Guide To Getting The Most Out Of France (Going to France? Get this Guide First!)
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France is a place of romance, cuisine that will make your


A beautiful villa on a hill, overlooking the valley of Mlini, with large gardens, outdoors terrace and swimming pool. The villa has 5 double rooms and 5 bathrooms, ideal for 10 guests. This beautifully restored 15th century property offers guests a wonderful opportunity to rent a rarely available complete…
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JetBlue pilot avoids collision on runway at JFK Airport

US aviation officials have launched an investigation after a JetBlue passenger jet was forced to abort its take-off when another plane filled with holidaymakers suddenly crossed the runway. After being given clearance to depart, JetBlue flight 1295 was …
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Average Briton's holiday is 2 weeks in Spain for two out of peak season

The appeal of a real break complete with room service and housekeeping is just too strong for most Brits, with over two thirds of holidaymakers booking hotel accommodation over a villa or apartment. The nation's holidaymakers are also keen to ensure …
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The white eagle is a flight over the Arlberg and the city of Lech Zuers am Arlberg. Each feature is shot on RED digital cinematography and mastered in 4K movie technology and delivers brilliant…
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AC Grayling's Vienna: My Kind of Town

… we would travel thousands of miles to go to a beach and the first day would be wonderful but during the second, the novelty of sand and salty hair would wear off. AC Grayling is Master and Founder of New College of the Humanities, London. His new …

Alpine holidays: readers' tips

The daily walks are run by experienced, informative guides; they start on June 1 and run until October 23, changing on a fortnightly basis. Free transport and a tour book are provided, with badges presented … Igls, Austria. My preferred Alpine …

Schlepping Through the Alps: My Search for Austria's Jewish Past with Its Last Wandering Shepherd
Hans Breuer, Austria’s only wandering shepherd, is also a Yiddish folksinger. He walks the Alps, shepherd’s stick in hand, singing lullabies to his 625 sheep. Sometimes he even gives concerts in historically anti-Semitic towns, showing slides of

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Travel Channel’s hidden gem, NYATG, a hip travel guide show for hyper travelers. Written, Directed, Hosted, and Edited by Shane Reynolds (aka Shane O)… or…
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Ambassador guides Mongolia tour

With a surface area double the size of Turkey and home to a mere 3 million people, Mongolia is a country of differences. Interestingly, half of the population lives in Ulan Bator, which must be one of the world's coldest capitals. The bidirectional …
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