This was the trip I did in 2010 with a Canon G11 digital camera and the Garmin Oregon 450 GPS. A pretty straight forward trip, simple logistic planning. Only half of the trip was adventurous…
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Spain Meets Deficit Target for First Time Since 2008

MADRID—Spain's budget deficit narrowed significantly last year, the government said Friday, meeting the target agreed with the European Commission for the first time since the start of a property bust in 2008. Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de …
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Rick Steves: Italy, Spain

Throughout Spain's Catalunya region and particularly in Barcelona, restaurant menus have traditionally been in Spanish and Catalan, but these days, as the feisty spirit of Catalan independence is stoked, you'll often find menus in Catalan and English …
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During our trip through the north of Portugal we stopped in Braga and Guimaraes: two cities with a rich history and nice old city centres. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and just walked…

Portugal Travel Review

Cool Restaurants Barcelona
Barcelona’s place at the forefront of European architecture and design during the past fifteen years is nowhere more apparent than in the interiors of its remarkable restaurants and bars. Cool Restaurants Barcelona presents a ‘best of’ selection of h

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Isidor organization known as the Kurds in Syria density Kaboni making intense attacks by the PKK, which speeds the protests in Germany, ışid’l to recruit men… COURTESY: RT’s RUPTLY video…
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Airline Fares Fall Slightly

Overall fares are down but it will cost more this summer to fly to cities like Amsterdam; London; Budapest, Hungary; Lisbon, Portugal; Frankfurt, Germany or Reykjavik, Iceland. Prices are coming down because airlines are now … The generally good news …
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Letters reveal a Jewish businessman's struggle with family requests from Nazi

But days at the office also included letters to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, U.S. court and immigration officials, bank officials and travel agents. For when his German father passed away, it was Arnold who assumed responsibility for relatives …
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'Pity of War' delivers personal stories

In 1613, James I's daughter Elizabeth married Prince Fredrick of the Palatine, and a century later their descendent George of Hanover became the British monarch George I. The English and Germans have intermarried since the 17th century while their …
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Canvas Print of Austria and Germany
24 x16 (61x41cm) Canvas Print, Coloured Sides. showing Austria and Germany. Thomas Cook Brochure Cover – Austria and Germany. Date 1953. Chosen by Mary Evans. Photo printed on archival quality canvas. Laminated. Canvas print stretched and hand mounte

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Ireland Travel – A selection of images from my book, Vol. III of “Mystical Moods of Ireland: Magical Irish Countryside.” Download free previews of my books at:
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Enniskillen gears up for a Wilde Weekend to celebrate its other famous old boy

Imagine, if you would, a meeting between Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett. How would the conversation go? Would Wilde do all the talking while Beckett sat in enigmatic silence? Perhaps, but if common ground were sought they at least had their schooldays …
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'The Tablet and the Irish have often struggled to understand each other'

There were literary pages and book reviews in The Tablet from the start, always towards the back, often platforms for opinionated rants of one sort or another, a failing that successive editors have not always succeeded in suppressing. Travel books …
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HIKING IN NORWAY Perfect for the body and mind The best way to get really close to the nature of Norway is to put on a pair of hiking boots. You will then discover…
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Pippa Middleton skis, fishes and sails in Norway

It was the dream Norwegian mountain ski lodge. The wooden walls built from logs and weatherboarding are, in parts, 200 years old and topped with a roof covered in grass. The remote location ensured a peaceful atmosphere that no Alpine resort I can …

Norwegian's multivolume 'My Struggle' a literary star

… Eve in Sweden, Knausgaard's friend since boyhood, Geir, defends Karl Ove when an acquaintance accuses him of self-puffery and braggadocio, after Knausgaard has detailed his skill at preparing salted sheep's ribs, apparently a Norwegian holiday staple:.
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Celtic manager Ronny Deila's blueprint for success – read the entire

Six months before becoming Celtic manager, Ronny Deila was invited to lecture a Norwegian management conference. At the time he was coaching Stromsgodset and spoke for 40 minutes, outlining the managerial philosophies which transformed the …
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Hjem - Living at the End of the World

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